Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Will and Finn's Excellent Adventure

Firstly, the title-worthy adventure should really, REALLY have been accompanied by video entertainment. Will is the adorable, warp-speed blur of action born to my sister-in-law two years ago. Predictably, he triggered Finn's Berserker Button for pretty much the entire weekend we recently spent at the beautiful place in North Carolina that Peggy (mama of Kid Tornado) and her partner Andrew recently bought.

It's crazy gorgeous, and you can pee and/or take selfies of your new glasses by their naked bathroom window because there's no one for like two acres. I don't know how big an acre is, but all I could see was trees, and I was wearing my new glasses, so I could definitely see those trees and the people who weren't in them.

I missed the opportunity to video the glorious, devastating chaos because as mom to a bookworm/gamer nerd, I spent the evening flinching every time Will made Evil Knievel jumps and watching pup and toddler run in circles so hard it should've Superman'd us all back in time. After a bit I stopped worrying that Finn was going to catch and maybe bite Will or that Will would catch and maybe bite Finn and decided they were evenly matched and we'd never see any ultra-violence.

Happily, I judged well.

The bummer bit is that Frankenspine dealt much worse with this road trip than my last, and I was in a pretty wicked amount of pain. I made it to her older boy's karate class, where the teacher (sadly, he never even once demand the kids call him Sensei) had invited Molly to take a free class. She and Nate, the older brother, are a great deal alike. They're super adorable to watch. They're little brain mates. That's like soul mates for when you don't want to seem like you're shipping your kid and her non-biological cousin.

Then we came home and I took my new dose of neurontin for the first time along with my muscle relaxer. It was groovy, though, because I got to be comfortably numb in a room so geek-awesome they had Marvel posters separated from DC posters.

When I awoke who the hell knows how much later, I limped into the kitchen and devoured a hundred or so of these popover thingies Peggy makes with bacon, veggies, and herbed cream cheese baked in a crescent roll. They are freaking heaven. They're so good I tried to recreate them yesterday with biscuits and actually cooked bacon myself. They'd be fine vegetarian, but I needed a perfect duplicate. I failed, because the biscuits were too sweet, so I asked her for the recipe. She loves me and my bl'eaders, so she gave us the goods.

First, here are our handsome offspring:

Now, the yum. Her recipe yield is colossal, so I'll probably half it.


Diddypolly's Amazeballz Pocket Things

  • 3 cans of crescent rolls
  • 1 pkg of cream cheese onion & chive spread
  • 1 lb of bacon
  • 1 bag of frozen steamer broccoli
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • Preheat oven to 350°
  • Fry your bacon (crispy!!!) & set to the side
  • Steam broccoli & drain, then chop and set to side.
  • Chop your pepper. 
  • Lay out 1-1/2 cans of rolls and spread on the cream cheese. 
  • Then mix the bacon, pepper and broccoli together (bacon gets chewy & gross if you let it sit in the bowl too long. Heidi's note- I crumbled it on top of cheese & veggies last.
  • Dump veggies & bacon on top of cream cheese spread.
  • Cover mixture with other 1-1/2 cans of crescent...top with a little butter and bake for about 25 minutes at 350° 
You can also make single servings by just making Hot Pocket like shapes with each crescent roll. She sometimes adds or substitutes frozen spinach- just make sure to drain it really well.


Enjoy these bad boys! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Medical Update: Wheels and Word Salad!

They're now used to my taking anatomy-fetish
snapshots at the clinic;) This is the spinal cord
stimulator I have in my butt.
I saw my pain management doctor this week to evaluate this last round of epidurals—I've had three caudal injections of anesthetic and steroids. Caudal means it goes into the very bottom of the spinal cord, which with regards to the patient means:

  1. Nurses expose me down to beneath my ass
  2. Nurses then sanitize said ass including my actual ass crack, which after all I've been through medically in my odd life is the most intimately embarrassing thing I've ever endured while awake.
  3. The neurologist then numbs the area, resulting in a completely numbed bum and partially numb legs all day. It feels very strange to go to the toilet that day.
  4. Neurologist transforms into a sadistic demon and pushes a needle into my nerves and searches with it until he finds the area that's most irritated and ignites every pain sensing nerve in both legs up to about a 35 on the 1-10 pain scale.
In debriefing after this round we decided they aren't helping consistently enough to continue. That's obviously awesome on the surface, but at times they've given me a good amount of relief, so that's unfortunate.

The plan now is to increase my neurontin dose to a degree that is bananaballs crazy. I have been taking 200mg morning and afternoon then 800mg at night. I skip the daytime doses if I have to write or interact with anyone, though. I get this very annoying side effect of my verbal skills turning to shit. I switch random words, like calling a table a phone. More infuriating is mistaking words like there/their/they're. I'll be taking 600mg twice a day and 1200mg at night. The dose I'm on now makes writing very difficult, of course—hence the dose skipping. I whined about this to Doctor B, who shrugged and gave me a 'whatcha gonna do?' look. I pouted and said I'd just tell my volunteer editor. (I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year) I'll be a little extra creative with my verbiage.

Then he suggested I get a folding wheelchair for my bad days. I stayed the stinging tears in my eyes and agreed that it will significantly improve my social life if I don't have to cancel more visits and appointments than I attend. So, my vanity or pride or whatever the block is about getting a chair is going to be squished. I've mentioned several times that I was going to borrow one and then I made excuses to avoid it. Having the doc suggest it helps for whatever reason. I suppose it's as simple as the fact that reality and practicality often sound more solid from someone else.

Today, I'm off with the Triangle Family to see my darling sister-in-law and her sweet boys in North Carolina for the weekend. I can't wait to see them, and I'm stoked beyond description to be traveling. Nomad soul stuck in bed is a recipe for the bad.

As usual, the brother will be house sitting with his very impressive weapons collection, but Finn gets to come with us. I'm thrilled to take my trusty pup. He smells like lavender baby shampoo today after a bath, and I could snuggle him until he's nearly choked. That guy. I love that furry sweetheart.

Have a fabulous weekend, bl'eaders! May Autumn's deliciousness surround you like the best scarf ever.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Photos from Charleston WV's ShockaCon Day One

This post is REALLY late in coming, but the weekend was insane, and the week that followed was much the same. But you want to see the geeky amazeballz photos, and so I shall deliver.

Tomorrow I'll post the sugar skull makeup I did on friends, though we missed the costume parade because I am a slow face painter and the makeup killed my back. The family we hung out with took Birdy to a picnic, so everyone got to show off their skullies. There are just so many photos here and I don't want the makeup to get lost.

So, feast your eyes, nerdy bl'eaders!

I wish I'd asked who built this TARDIS. It was glorious. And Shane cannot BELIEVE I didn't peak inside, but I never even thought to try the door, and again, I didn't know who'd brought it. We agree that it should've been placed in front of a door to a huge room. Sadly, I kept missing the impressively accurate NuWho Dalek when it was assembled and rolled out where I could snap it. But trust me (I'm The Doctor) it was so freaking awesome.

This is the most adorable Freddy Kreuger that ever existed in the world, Miss Zoe ScarboroughSeriously, could you die?

This sweet pop painting of C3PO is by Gary Vaughan, but I can't find a link for him yet.

I love this painting, Last Light of Humanity, by Brittney Hackney. We talked for a bit about Alex Grey, whom we both pretty much worship. She also has a site about horror effects, Atomic Beast Studio.

These are the Arkhams, and are by all accounts super fabulous guys. They were so friendly when I asked them to let me take their photo.

And my old friend Chris Woodall, who is Such. A. Badass! With a buddy whose name is lost to my chaos.

I am going to own a print of that delicious Nosferatu and a Lugosi Dracula I didn't get in focus. I'm going to buy them or DIE.

And I was a Maenad, with the ivy and berries I didn't have time to paint as grapes, but that fascinator/crown was so epic and I made it in ten minutes. I mostly wanted an excuse to wear ivy in my hair and flaunt those FUCKING yummy green lashes. I got them at K-Mart in the Halloween section, and they have many really great eyelashes.