Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Choosing Silence and Smallness

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I've been struggling with wanting to write around an event, circling a wound without touching it. I can't write through it, not publicly; It's not my story. You know that sharing my world is how I vent every hurt. And it's distasteful and artificially coy to publish that I'm in some secret crisis. But at some point I need to say that I've been in an ugly place that is completely new and alien and horrible, so that I can stop forcing myself. The lapses in writing come from the fact that every moment of reaching out or making light commentary feel like pitiful whitewashing.

There's a circular tangle of paradoxical not writing in words. Can we just let it sit there and be there in its loud not-being? Let's do this:

poetry. Every day.

I'm going to figure out where to do that, maybe on my Facebook page as notes? The idea comes from Schmutzie and Amy Turn Sharp and participants are tagging it #365poems on Twitter and G+. My poem maker is rusted and sore so I'm excited to see what I have to write in that format now.

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Then, to understand about this need to share personal everything (or some things) on blogs, watch (Schmutzie) Elan Morgan's insightful TEDxRegina talk in the video to follow.